We know that the best outcomes for a child in an education and care service are achieved when Educators and families work in partnership to ensure that the experience the child has in care is meaningful. It is important to honour the diverse histories, culture, languages, traditions, child rearing practices, family structures and life style decisions of families so we can better support children’s learning.

Your educator will encourage you to provide input into the children’s experiences whilst they are in In Home care, e.g., any special family events, holidays you have been on, what your child’s current interests are, their favourite toy, and the special people in your child’s life.

Your family may be invited to participate in other ways too, for example; attendance at special functions or outings, sharing a special skill or interest with the children (i.e., play guitar, cook, crafts, traditions etc).

Our educators:

  • Provide education and care for children that recognise the child’s mind, body and spirit and are responsive to children’s strengths, abilities, and interests.
  • Maintain a safe, clean and hygienic environment that provides challenges for children to explore, solve problems, engage and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Reflect, document, and plan for the children’s learning as described with support from the Coordination unit.
  • Work in partnerships with children, families, community, and the Coordination Unit staff.
  • Recognise the rich diversity of Australian life and respect the multiple ways of belonging, being and knowing within family culture.
  • Commit to personal wellbeing, professionalism and ongoing professional development and learning.
  • Manage a small business where all laws, regulations and record keeping are maintained in accordance with Family Assistance Law and the In Home Care Guidelines